• About Us

    PussyCat Lodge Trust (PCLT) was established over 20 years ago and has been a focal point for a group of hard working and dedicated volunteers who rescue and care for cats in the Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering and Brentwood areas in Essex.

    Several outdoor pens (along with space in almost every room in Jennie's house for kitten pens) cater for the many needy cats passing through our doors. Outside is a specially built feral house for the semi-wild cats who can't quite face coming indoors. While the management of feral cats is not the main priority, the plight of the ferals at Dagenham Docks some years ago could not be ignored, and a feeding, trapping and neutering project was undertaken to try and help them.
  • How it began

    Jennie: "It was over 30 years ago while living in London's East End that I first got involved with cat rescue. My son Jason, age 7 at the time, came home with a box of kittens; the box had been tightly sealed and the kittens left to die. I hand-reared and nursed these kittens back to health and found them all responsible, loving homes.

    Word soon spread that I cared for cats, and soon I was being contacted by members of the public, the police (if they found injured or abandoned cats) and by local veterinary surgeries if they had cats in need of homes. In the early 1980's my family and I moved to Ingrave, Brentwood.  I had a bigger home I could now take in even more cats and kittens so I continued to rescue cats. Soon the cats were occupying more of our home than we humans! We decided to call our home PussyCat Lodge."
  • Jennie

    Jennie Hurley, the founder of PussyCat Lodge Trust, has not had it easy.  A few years ago her beloved adoptive mother died.  Jennie nursed her here at home for the last two years of her life. Six months after her death, the family was devastated to learn that Jennie's husband George had inoperable cancer. Bravely, he wished to stay at home throughout his illness. Jennie was once again nursing somebody she loved so dearly. Sadly George passed away.

    Since these tragic events Jennie has struggled to keep afloat, being unable to work through illness. Somehow she has managed to make the mortgage and household payments without falling behind (too often..).
    The cats have always come first with Jennie and over the years they have repaid her over and over again. To be constantly surrounded by such beautiful animals is a joy and throughout many painful times they have been a huge source of comfort.

    When things get just a little too much, Jennie reminds herself of a Christmas when a little feral cat from a pen roof, too frightened to venture into the house previously, was waiting for her on Christmas morning under the tree playing with a fir cone. A sight as welcome as any Christmas present! It's moments like that that make it all worthwhile.
  • Mad Cat Ladies

    The 'Mad Cat Ladies' are a group of dedicated, hard-working and slighty eccentric (tho in the nicest way possible) volunteers who give up their free time to help, care for, and rehome the cats who pass through PussyCat Lodge Trust.

    With ages ranging from just 18 years old and upwards (we can't print how much upwards..), the Mad Cat Ladies run a tight ship, ensuring not only that the cats are fed, happy and healthy and the pens and cages are immaculate, but also that the business side of things runs smoothly. All-in-all a well oiled unit working closely with eachother.

    You can read more about the Mad Cat Ladies in our community forums here