Sprinkle, Splodge, Splish & Splash 10 weeks old.

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Sprinkle, Splodge, Splish & Splash 10 weeks old.

Postby Jacqui Duly » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:54 pm

Sprinkle tortie and white female
Splodge black and white female
Splish black and white male
Splash tabby/tortie white face and paws female RESERVED
Splosh tabby/tortie white neck, chest and paws RESERVED

Pregnant mother left behind when owners moved.

Taken in by a lovely family, who looked after mummy and the kittens. Kittens very friendly used to home environment.
Family having mum back when kittens rehomed.

All from the same litter to be rehomed in together, 1 pairs and 1 single.

To young to be rehomed yet but can be reserved.

If you can give them a furever loving home, please contact Jane on: 020 8597 4030 Or
07974 826 990 from Monday to Sunday. From 9am to 6pm ONLY (no texts please).
Sprinkle 20th Oct 17.jpg
Splodge 20th Oct 17.jpg
Splish 8th Oct 17.jpg
Splash 8th Oct 17.jpg
Splosh 8th Oct 17.jpg

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