Tomas 3-4 years old HOUSE CAT ONLY REHOMED

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Tomas 3-4 years old HOUSE CAT ONLY REHOMED

Postby Jacqui Duly » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:13 pm

Tomas is a very handsome tabby cat, approx 3-4 years old.

A lot of you will remember over a year ago a poor tabby boy, which Jenny called Idris, was found in Harold Hill with his foot through his collar. His leg was ulcerated and joined to his body and obviously infected.

A lovely lady picked him up and he was taken to Ivy Lodge for assessment. He was in such a state and unneutered, which probably got him into a few fights, the prognosis was then to castrate, antibiotics and to remove the leg.

The wound had healed up nicely, but left scar tissue that was pulling on the leg.
Tomas has had an operation (17th Feb 2018) to cut the tightened and split tendons that has caused him to limp. Sewed up the hole and the leg has been bound to keep it still.
He is staying at the vets for 24 hours care. It's promised that he will be able to walk almost normally.

He is a lovely boy in need of affection and constant attention. Its time now we feel, for him to have his own home with a loving person with time to spoil him. He has his own account at the vet so bills will not be a problem. He is basically unaffected by what he has been through, loves a cuddle on the settee but doesn't like if you get up to leave him!

If you want to meet him call Terri on 07947664539 from Monday to SATURDAY ONLY. Please don’t ring after 6pm, NO texts. He is fostered in Upminster at the moment.

He has been vaccinated, chipped, wormed, de-flead and neutered.
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