Oliver very striking cat with ginger markings REHOMED

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Oliver very striking cat with ginger markings REHOMED

Postby Jacqui Duly » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:54 am

Oliver was named by Jane (his foster mum) as he was always hungry.
He has very striking markings being a white cat with ginger patches on his face and a ginger and white stripy tail. Approx 18 months old

Sue, her fantastic assistant, found him in her garden eating the bird food. Sue knocked on all her neighbours but had no luck finding out where he came from.
Last week Sue heard a lot of noise down her side ally and went out to see what all the noise was and saw some yobs chasing Oliver him with a air gun.
He jumped over her wall and she took him in straight in.

He was very traumatised for the first two days but vet said he got better as days went on.

Neutered, microchipped de-flead and wormed.

Please call Terri on 07947664539 from Monday to SATURDAY, 9am to 6pm ONLY, NO texts
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