Pixie 10-12 months SPECIAL HOME NEEDED

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Pixie 10-12 months SPECIAL HOME NEEDED

Postby Jacqui Duly » Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:40 am

Pixie is REHOMED in Bishops Stortford with her boyfriend Blackchops. It is the perfect home in the country with their own accommodation, just praying it works out.

Pixie is around 10-12 months old pretty white cat with tabby markings

She was found as a stray with her tail dragging on the ground. She was taken to Vets4Pets and they found her tail had been pulled so hard it had severed the nerves in her tail so she had to have it amputated. This has sadly left her incontinent, she was in the vets sometime to see if this improved, and she has then been with Joy for a couple of months to see if the incontinence would improve over time, but sadly this has not been the case.

We are looking for a special home for her - she is very much a people cat, is affectionate and friendly, and very playful. She is a purr machine as soon as you pick her up - so so sweet.

We are trying to find someone with a home which will suit her special needs. As she is so sociable, being a farm cat outside all the time just wouldn't be for her. We need a warm loving home where she can be indoors without her toileting issues being a problem, but has regular access to outside to enjoy and to help manage the condition and be loved in the way she deserved after her ordeal.

Neutered, microchipped de-flead and wormed.

Please call Terri on 07947664539 from Monday to SATURDAY, 9am to 6pm ONLY, NO texts
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