FERAL and GARDEN cats need homes

The cats currently looking for new homes can be found here.
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FERAL and GARDEN cats need homes

Postby Jacqui Duly » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:27 am

PCLT specialise in feral cats, with a purpose built enclosure with plenty of hiding places, outdoor run and a tree.

We NOW HAVE 9 waiting for homes.

We advertise for homes in stables. Stables make purrfect homes for feral cats who need help with food, health and warmth but don't want their contact with humans to be too personal. Most of the people who respond to these adverts want to use a natural form of rat/mouse control in their stables without the cruel, unreliable alternatives, and, at the same time, they like the idea of having cats around - with their charming ways - and some stable cats actually end up being pretty friendly. And, the icing on the cake, the cats and horses get on very well. It is a match made in heaven.

They are neutered, micro-chipped, vet checked, wormed and de-fleed.
Every colour, temperament and style. Some even have names now!!

Would you like a garden cat that will let you touch maybe stroke them BUT just doesn't want to live inside. They will need a warm, dry and safe shelter and feeding.

Waiting to be fed: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1808596 ... 139248634/

ALSO REHOME TO:-smallholdings, garden centres, warehouses and farms. Home in pairs or more.

PCLT will rehome to SOUTHERN ENGLAND with is:- Bedfordshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Essex

Please call Terri on 07947664539 from Monday to SATURDAY, 9am to 6pm ONLY, NO texts
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