Lizzy and Barry

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Lizzy and Barry

Postby Jacqui Duly » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:34 am

Lizzy and Barry are a wonderful pair who must be homed together, they have a close bond and have lived together for the last four years. They are both really affectionate and love a fuss. Their owner was absolutely devastated to have to say goodbye to these gorgeous cats because is emigrating to help endangered animals at a sanctuary abroad. PCLT made a promise to him to find these two the perfect home they deserve.

Lizzy is a 12 year old female Russian blue, she spends much of her day sleeping on the bed and doesn’t venture much further than the garden. She doesn’t like being shut outside so needs access to a cat flap. One of her favourite hobbies is being groomed with a brush or brush glove, especially on her stomach. As mentioned Lizzy loves to be brushed and will sit looking at you waiting. When holding Lizzy she likes to be bounced gently as if you were settling a baby, you'll feel her completely relax in your arms.

Barry is a 4 year old male Black Siamese mix. He likes spending a lot of his time outside but pops home regularly for cuddle catch ups! His favourite hobby is having his ear and face rubbed whilst lying on his human servants. When Barry first met Lizzy he thought she was his mum, she didn’t seem to mind and they have been inseparable since.
Barry likes to sit/stand on your shoulder whether you are sitting standing or walking around.

They usually eat together although keep an eye as Barry will wolf his down and then make a play for lizzy's. He's cheeky like that.

Often at night when I go to bed Barry will come in and insist on getting under the duvet only to want to come in and out.. can get annoying but he's too adorable to be mad at.
Barry loves to climb, he's always up a tree, on the roof of the shed or anywhere up high.

They both love occasional treats of ham, chicken and tuna.

Lizzy and Barry would prefer a home without dogs or children as they are very cautious around them.

Please phone Terri 9am-6pm ONLY on07947 664 539
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