Baz, Bea and Barbs 12 weeks old semi longed haired REHOMED

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Baz, Bea and Barbs 12 weeks old semi longed haired REHOMED

Postby Jacqui Duly » Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:21 am

Baz, Bea and Barbs

Bea (magnificent tabby mane, with white legs) is the most social and bubbly one. She purrs loudly and often! She is fast and great at jumping. She's a little tiger!

Barbs (mostly black, with a chin "beard" and magnificent whiskers) is quite calm and more of a follower than a leader. Friendly, and adorably clumsy. The underdog of the pack

Baz (white with black markings and a cute black tail) is the mischievous one. He will let you know if he disagrees with you! He will quietly sit next to you, and purr for a gentle stroke.

Vivacious, fluffy and charming! These three kittens have been fostered for a month by volunteer Cecilia. She's had the pleasure of watching them grow from timid shy little ones into gloriously entertaining and cuddly kittens.

They were trapped with their mum while living near station; they have been de-wormed, de-flead, got their jabs, chips and neutering. They are approximately 3 months old, getting bigger and more skilled by the minute. Bea especially will become a feared predator!

They love play-fighting, and it would be wonderful if they could be adopted as a trio.

They are very very active - perfect for a tween or teen or any adult :-) They are still learning not to use claws when playing, so not advised with small children.

Neutered, microchipped de-flead and wormed.
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