Kittens,absolutely adorable,sooo cute Orphans Annie n Rosie

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Kittens,absolutely adorable,sooo cute Orphans Annie n Rosie

Postby Andie » Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:47 pm

Orphan Rosie and Orphan Annie, females, torties, 10 weeks old

These two beautiful little kittens are very special to the aunties at the Lodge. Their mum died while giving birth to them and so they had to be born by Caesarean section. Plus Annie had a prolapsed bowel and had to have 3 operations to put it right in the first few days of her life. Jenny has hand reared them since birth. The fact that these little kittens are here at all is a miracle. And they are fit and healthy and lively. They are so friendly, they adore humans and rush to greet any visitor. They play non stop and are curious little fluff balls. They are so close to each other and because they have been through so much, they really would like to be homed together.

If you can offer these special little kitties an especially loving home, please call Jennie on 01277 811904, or Terri on 07947664539


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