Lovlies! - Ginger/Tushka/Gizmo

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Lovlies! - Ginger/Tushka/Gizmo

Postby Top Cat » Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:13 pm

These 3 lovelies have sadly been put up for rehoming, the owner has had difficulties over the last few months and we have looked after the cats with the hope he would eventually be able to take them back. Unfortunately he has decided with much sadness they would be better rehomed.

They are the most beautiful adult cats, Ginger craves attention and fusses, Tushka too is a lovely stunning cat. Gizmo had a slight disability to a front paw but this doesn't give him any trouble.

We know it would be hard to home all three together but Ginger and Tushka would love to stay as a pair.

Please call Jennie on 01277 811904
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