Trio - Ginger/Sugar/Spice

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Trio - Ginger/Sugar/Spice

Postby Top Cat » Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:29 pm

Ginger - A lovely chunky Ginger and White male, neutered and vaccinated. Approx 7 yrs NOW HOMED
Sugar and Spice - Both tabby females, spayed and vaccinated. Adult cats NOW HOMED

These three came from an elderly man who was taken into care, although he loved them he had difficulty looking out for their care, poor Ginger had a collar that was far to tight and it had caused sores to his neck. Sugar and Spice desperately needed flea treatment due to an allergy and were underweight.

They are all now thriving and would love a caring home, it would be good to see them together or at least the two tabbys to go together as they are sisters.
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