A Stable Life - The Purrrfect Solution

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A Stable Life - The Purrrfect Solution

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When you open a cat rescue website, do you think of cuddly kitties/moggies desperate for a kindly lap to sleep on? Well, yes, there are plenty of those passing through PussyCat Lodge, but have you ever thought about what happens to the feral cats, i.e. non-domesticated and perhaps wild? Often large colonies of feral cats frequent industrial sites, farms and the rears of shops, continually giving birth to kittens which do not all survive. Feral kittens are often pathetic, flea and worm infested, undernourished and dirty. It is a harsh life for some feral kittens.
It is likely that a colony begins with one or two domestic cats that were never neutered and were possibly abandoned by their irresponsible owners but,whatever their story,we at Pussycat Lodge Trust believe cat rescue is for ALL cats, not just pretty homeable ones, and so we make an extra special effort to find the feral cats safe homes.

The M.O.T.
Our Volunteers trap the ferals and take them to the vet to neuter, have them tested for feline A.I.D.S. and F.I.V. and get a general MOT done on the cats. In many cases we are able to return the cats to site with the happy knowledge that the colony will naturally reduce in size and, most importantly, no more kittens will be born wild at that site.

Cats In Limbo:
BUT, what if the cats are not allowed to be returned to site, or what if we refuse to return them because of the awful conditions? Hmmmm, that could be a dilemma.

Well, that is where we come in. We advertise for homes in stables! Stables make purrfect homes for feral cats who need help with food, health and warmth but don't want their contact with humans to be too personal. Most of the people who respond to these adverts want to use a natural form of rat/mouse control in their stables without the cruel, unreliable alternatives, and, at the same time, they like the idea of having cats around - with their charming ways - and some stable cats actually end up being pretty friendly. And, the icing on the cake, the cats and horses seem to like each other. It is a match made in heaven.
Our feral re-homers will travel far and wide if there is a possible good home (and a cup of tea) at the end of the journey, having previously travelled as far as Middlesborough with six feral cats and another time all the way to Cornwall just for the homecheck.

What Next?
Our re-homers explain to the caller what is expected of them before agreeing an inspection date. The inspection only takes 20 to 30 minutes generally, to ensure that the stables is a suitable home for the cats and also to advise on any minor adjustments the stable owner might need to make to accommodate the cats. Jennie the warden with the re-homers later ascertains which feral cats will be most appropriate for that particular stables.

Once the stable owner has made the necessary adjustments and feels ready to accept the cats, a date is agreed to deliver them. The re-homer arrives with cat pen, cats, blankets, newspapers, food, bowls, litter trays, litter scoop and sets the cats up for their six week internment. She gives the new owners advice and demonstrates how to look after the cats, with safety in mind for both the cats and the humans. There will be several follow up calls over the next few months and in most cases it all works out a treat.

Well, I THINK I Might Be Interested But Don't Want To Be Pushed Into Anything!!!
If you know anyone who could offer a home to feral cats, whether in a stable, smallholding, farm, garden centre or school, etc., then please ask them to contact our re-homers via the 'Contact' page on our website or Jennie on 01277 811 904. Remember, we do not rush things and the cats will not be delivered until both parties are happy for it to happen.
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