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Jane - Fosterer

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Jane Regan- Fosterer

In 1999 just retired, I found 4 kittens sealed in cardboard box dumped in Hainualt Forest, while walking with her friend and her dog. The kittens approximately 4 weeks old were in a terrible state, I did what anybody else would do being an animal lover and brought them home. After at least 30 frantic phone calls to rescue places, being passed onto one to another, finally I found Jennie Hurley at Pussycat Lodge Trust. With no hesitation she said bring them here and I will look after them.

Totally fascinated with Jennie’s cat stories some happy some tragic, I decided I would like to help by being a mummy & kitten fosterer. While at Jennie’s she had a phone call from B&Q at Beckton about a stray cat with 4 kittens living in their building & timber yard. Jennie was tied up at that time so I enquired about trapping them. Jennie said it would take about 3 days, so I offered to do it.
So 10 weeks, 1000 miles, much grey hairs and 50 tins of cat food later!!!!
I had still only seen mother and two kittens and not the 4 that had previously been told. Mummy cat by now had become very friendly and waited twice daily for me to arrive with her dinner ,I named her Becky. Finally on Christmas Eve after realising there was only 2 kittens they went to stay at PCL. All was rehomed in the New Year.

Successful trapping only comes with experience as every job is different and has its own set of complications. After trapping Jennie then taught me the art of hand rearing orphaned kittens and fox cubs!! I originally had my own 4 cats now expanded to 17 (13 are sponsors cats), but no experience of hand rearing. This has now snowballed into me owning dogs Amy 8 and Floss 7, rehoming parrots and cockatiel, probably a donkey next week!!

I have had my own garden cat proofed to make sure my cats and the sponsored cats are safe. All 13 sponsors cats have come to me with conditions which took a long time to cure or sort out, some still have them. These range from brain damage, cerebral Palsy to health and behavioural problems. They now stay, as I have fallen in love and could never give them up, what a softy.

Typical week in the life of Jane (this includes weekends and nights)
- Feed and clean all the charges in her care.
- Vet run to Chelmsford or Goodmayes
- Dogs walk in the park
- If has any orphaned kittens they need to be fed every 3 hours, that includes all through the night.
- Collecting unwanted cats
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