Bing and Bong

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Bing and Bong

Postby PatanPhil » Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:36 am

We, Pat and Phil, had lost our two last boys just before Christmas and had only a female left from what was once a large family of six.
We said nothing but we both knew we had a huge hole in our lives but couldn't face the prospect of trying to replace the cats we had lost.
Christmas was strange - but we got through it and when the snows came we remembered the trials and tribulations the cats endured and were grateful they didn't have them this year.
However the hole became larger and so we wondered if there might be any cat that might like to share our lives and Charley our female.
And so we came to Pussycat Lodge one snowy day and there found Bing and Bong and the inevitable happened.
Bing and Bong became Harry and George and our house became their home.
A very happy home.


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