• Get involved!

    PussyCat Lodge Trust is funded entirely through donations from the public and money raised at our fundraising events.  We need event helpers, fundraising ideas and volunteers to help look after the cats.  Do you want to get involved and help?  Please contact us or have a look through our How you can help forum pages.

    We are always looking for donations of cat food, blankets, cat toys, and.. well.. pretty much anything cat-related really!  If you have anything you would like to donate to the cats please contact us.

  • Volunteering

    Can you spare some of your free time to help the cats?

    We need volunteers every morning including Saturday and Sunday - from 9am-11.30am.

    A volunteer can come one morning a week, or more often if they have the time.

    Duties include disinfecting feeding bowls and keeping the washroom and food shed clean and tidy, cleaning pens, grooming cats, and of course fussing over the cats!

    Training will be given and we are flexible on availability.

    If you are interested, please contact us

  • Fundraising

    A huge percentage of the income we receive is through fundraising and fundraising events.  We are always looking for volunteers with some spare time to help with our fundraising events, and also anybody with any fresh ideas on how to raise funds.

    If you are interested in helping with our events, or if you have any fundraising ideas, please contact us.

    Details of our forthcoming fundraising events can be found here.
  • Other ways to help

    In addition to volunteering (and of course donations!), there are many jobs that need doing to be able to continue to help the many cats that come through our doors.

    Caring for the cats -
    For those that like the hands on approach. we need volunteers to feed the cats and clean the pens, and of course, fuss, cuddle and groom the cats. Also drivers that may have the time to do vet runs are needed to.

    Trapping - This requires commitment, to trap a nervous or feral cat requires someone who has free time at sometimes short notice. Trapping can also mean regular trips to the same location, as 'if at first you don't succeed'

    Fostering - This means taking a cat into care into your home whilst we are waiting for a home. It may be a cat that needs socialising, or really needs the extra comfort of a home whilst waiting. Also in kitten season we burst at the seams and fosterering mum and kittens may be needed. Jennie ONLY chooses her fosterers from her volunteers who clean at PussyCat Lodge.

    Can you help?

    Please contact us or have a look through our How you can help forum pages.